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Where is Sitges?

Where is Sitges in the world?



Posicionament de Sitges

1. Sitges is positioned in the axis of the mediterranean Europe and inside the diamond of the greats cities. 2. Positioned at 30 km from Barcelona and the airport, and near from the main national and international comunication roads.


Territory, population and economy

Posicionament de Sitges

1. Sitges is one of the most tourist cities of Catalonia. 2. Sitges has a diverse territory and has a natural and landscape resources. 78% of the territory is protect as a park. 

3. The decade of the 90, with the open highway, represents the beginning of the residential houses increase. Between 1991 and 2003 the population has increased 72% with a constant trend.

4. 42% of them enterprises of Sitges belong at the service sector. 1079 of these enterprises are based in the hospitality.


5. The construction and the arid exploitation are the main sectors at the industrial level.



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