Miquel Forns presentation, Major of Sitges

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Miquel Forns presentation, Major of Sitges

Fotos de Sitges

Our goals, you opportunities

Sitges has been a place of opportunity. The current situation makes the government I head, be clear that now more than ever, public-private partnership is the only way to achieve growth and the generation of economic activity.

On the one hand it is true that we all seek the same goal, but on the other hand not everywhere the same circumstances come together to meet these objectives generated prospects.

That is why I want to share some of the future projects that should allow Sitges to grow and keep it as a reference for some of the signs that have constructed the identity of this town: international reference level in the tourist sector and a world reference in culture.

All this is possible because of the not easy combination between Sitges as a cosmopolitan place with 70 nationalities and preserving the identity and tradition of a Mediterranean village with such a rich cultural heritage.

It is for this reason that Sitges, through its extraordinary media impact of its events, is one of the best showcases of branding. 

Sitges is the best opportunity to implement future business projects related to everything that has to do with knowledge, culture and leisure, and all services derived. These pillars, based in the service sector economy, we want to make them the foundation of our growth.

Sitges don't need to build character. It is a place that sets trends in a privileged environment, capable of everything that is proposed, but all this needs the complicity to make it possible. And we believe that our goals are your opportunities!

Welcome to Sitges!

Miquel Forns i Fusté
Major of Sitges

Miquel Forns i Fusté, Alcalde de Sitges


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